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Technology with Mythology | Courtney Brown


Courtney Brown is an artist from Auckland. Using her old typewriter she created a mythical octopus, which immediately gave to an antique thing philosophical meaning.

Courtney has 20 years experience in producing sculptures of bronze and other metals as other artists’ orders. However, after her workday is over, she starts to create for her soul, making her own sculptures and images. Her works is a mix of things and metal, mix of technology and mythology. She likes to combine new technologies and forgotten things.

This bronze sculpture is unique. In the beginning, Courtney was sculpting it from wax. It took her five years to create fragments from bronze and integrate them into a typewriter…

i-remade-my-old-typewriter-into-an-octopus-to-explore-higher-ideas-2__880 i-remade-my-old-typewriter-into-an-octopus-to-explore-higher-ideas-3__880 i-remade-my-old-typewriter-into-an-octopus-to-explore-higher-ideas-4__880 i-remade-my-old-typewriter-into-an-octopus-to-explore-higher-ideas-5__880

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