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Mixing in a glass different components, barman creates a unique cocktail. And here a question arises: what is more important, ingredients of a drink or barman’s hands and experience? Or maybe a cocktail is something more than just a sum of its components? The same questions arise when we think of a collage.

Collage is always a reflection of time’s spirit and dynamic, it is always an unbridled element. We can say that its popularity increases and then decreases, and an interest to it always rises in the periods of world’s instability. Collage is known from the ancient times, but it became a special kind of art only around 1910. The society was unstable that time and as a sign of protest artists had started to build their own reality. And that is how an art of new reality had appeared from a chaos.
Period of collage rebirth came on 60s of last century. That was a time when collage was declared as a unique and all-sufficient art direction. In the beginning of 21st century there began a new wave of interest towards collage.
Collage has always been turning habitual things upside down, it is always based on a surprise effect and some surrealism. Collaging is a process where something that already exists is changing and give a birth to something new, paradoxical but self-sufficient. There are loads of methods of creating of a collage: application, incrustation, art-object, installation… And it is always a mix. New technologies brought even more opportunities for creating collages. This art direction is also unique as it gives a second life to old things, which may differ a lot with its initial function.
Collage is not just a technique. It is a reflection of environment: sometimes cute, sometimes terrifying, sometimes sarcastic, but always with a philosophical shade. Collaging principle may be met in cinematography, in modern poetry, in music, in fashion and even in the kitchen! For a modern person with a clip mindset life itself is sometimes like a collage, where incompatible thing create a funny ornament.
Art-collage gallery appeared from love to collage, which mixes different techniques and styles and which gives a chance to everybody to show himself or herself.
So what is collage? Perhaps, just a mind game?