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Ductile Classic | Jane Perkins


The idea of using pictures of artists from previous generations is not fresh. Even Picasso used to copy works of other painters. The famous Mona Lisa by da Vinci was repeated countless number of times. Jane Perkins, inspired by impressionists’ pictures, creates panels that must be carefully viewed twice: first – from a distance, in order to see a whole image, and then – closer, so that you can see used materials (brush strokes).

A sculptor David Mac said that every artist has to find a right material through which he can express himself. Talking about Perkins – she uses only those subjects that fit ideally in terms of the size, shape and color: plastic toys, bijouterie, stationery, home dribs and drabs, natural materials…






Jane Prekins used to be just an average housewife and loving mother from Devonian, UK. She got a degree in textile sphere in 2006, only after her children got older. She started from creating brooches made of small toys and damaged jewels. In 2008 she made her first big portrait – it was an English queen. Perkins created a series of panels and called them ‘Ductile Classic’. The artist treats her own works with humor.









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