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Petersburg in Ineception style | Stairs

исаакиевский собор

Do you remember amazing deformations of the urban landscape in the movie ‘Inception’, created with computer graphics? We present you a project ‘Pictures in Inception style’ that is run by a group of designers from Saint Petersburg called ‘Stairs’ in a collage digital technique.

This is real computer collages. It took the artists more than two months of trials, more than 1000 quadrocopter’s takeoffs and thousands of photos to develop an algorithm of collage’s creating. The work was divided in three stages. First, there were composed mathematical formulas of the photography process: flight’s trajectory of a quadrocopter, angle, height and frequency of shots. Based on these formulas there was written a program that can count quadrocopter’s movements.

Second stage was shooting itself, and the third one was a painstaking work in Photoshop. The artists had to combine hundreds of shoots, getting rid of unnecessary and adding missing things. Most if times they had to work intuitively, but at some point their technologies became neat and their skills – well honed.

александровская колонна

собор петербург

Казанский собор

питер зимой

The very first person to create such pictures though was a Turkish photographer Aydin Buyuktas. He named his project a ‘Flat Land’. In this project Aydin transported Stambul’s prospects to surreal and distorted planes of the ‘Inception’ movie. Those amazing retouch and collaging are breathtaking…


начало фильм

улица фонарь


искажение пространства



развязка дорог


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