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A ray of light makes shadows | Alexey Bednij


Yury Zadorozhny once said that shadows are created by a ray of light. Shadow is a gracious topic for thinking. Shadow disappear and then appears again. Shadow doesn’t have a face. It doesn’t leave tracks. Alexey Bednij created his own world of shadows – astonishing and mysterious.
It may look like Alexey is a lucky man who manages to catch a good moment. In fact, this is just an illusion, game in the shadows. Game with his own rules. That’s why his shadows are stretching in different directions, trying to fill the whole free space. This leads to many objects appearing on the shot, each of them is living his own life and taking its own piece of space. Alexey is creating naturalistic collages. Only after careful examination of his works you can notice that very often there are the same characters in the collages, just in different moments of movements. This brings a special rhythm into the shot.

черный кот

игра теней

про ноты

игра shadow

цифровой коллаж

прохождение тень
All these black and white masterpieces are made by a person who had no space for creativity in his life. He was a prize-winner of the sambo championship hold in Penza region for men under 74 kg. He used to wear jeans and velveteen coat. He got a degree in chemistry in Penza Government University. He even took part in a literature contest “debut”. He even have never been drawing! However the inner voice told to the chemistry student once: “but a camera and go photograph something!”. After saving some money he bought a simple camera and started to take picture of everything he saw.
That is how creativity came to Alexey’s life, and soon it became his main occupation. The more he was taking pictures, the more inspiration he got. New ideas were born, his works were becoming more and more interesting, and eventually he got a deserved acknowledgment.
Alexey works in the street-photo genre. He sees urban space as an intersection of lines of houses, streets, roads, citizens and pets. All his visions he describes through the black and white photography. Both cities and black and white photography were created by a man, this is something not typical for nature. They both have a strong influence on people, sometimes even stronger then nature and color photography.
In reality ‘Alexey Bednij’ is a pseudonym. The photographer simply liked to create images of a man who lived in a province city Colosha, Penza region, who liked to lie and think, who’s circle of friends includes cats, dogs, beggars, homeless people, old and sick men; those who are lean and poor, who smokes and drinks.
Alexey has his own perception of the creativity process. He thinks that ideas comes on mind unexpectedly and follows with a silence in head. The main thing is to listen to the intuition these moments and believe in yourself. Another important factor is patience.

мрачные тени

форма тени


ритмический ряд


линия горизонта

черный ворон

вечерние тени


свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих

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