Heather Brush’s Angels – "art collage" gallery

Heather Brush’s Angels

collage, doll

These amazing, a little bit antique angels look like they were created for a Christmas tree. Heather Brush is partial to old things. If she suddenly gets some ancient things that other people would think of as just some trash, she immediately starts to dream of how she can use it. Michelangelo said once that in a piece of marble he sees an angel, which he releases afterwards. In the same way, Heather molds fairy angels from old books.

Among plenty of interesting works created by Heather Brush there is a panel called ‘Birds on the wire’. Birds there are made of antique keys, buttons of a typewriter and a wire. Background is a collage from pages of old children’s books. Combining in her works old things that people normally get rid of, Heather gives them a new life – spiritual life that even exceeds life for which they were created initially.





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